Collaboratory Partner Projects: ALOT


[ALOT at a pride march, two people hold up a banner reading "Archives of Lesbian Oral Testimony"]

This week marks the first of a series of blog posts about our Collaboratory Partner Projects.  In case you missed them, we currently have four partner projects, you can find links to the all under the Projects tab at the top of this page. Todays post features the Archives of Lesbian Oral History.

ALOT, short for the Archives of Lesbian Oral History, was founded in 2010.  ALOT is a project that  collects and makes available the oral histories of people who presently or at one time identified as lesbian.  The archive includes oral history audio tapes, radio and television program tapes, as well as video and film produced by documentary filmmakers, and home video and film.

The Archives of Lesbian History are run and maintained by Elise Chenier, the director and an associate professor at Simon Fraser University and Nailisa Tanner, the project’s archivist. You can follow this link Archives of Lesbian Oral History to get to the website, or you can read more about the founding of the archive in Elise’s article Hidden from Historians: Preserving Lesbian Oral History in Canada in Arhivaria HERE

ALOT can be accessed in part publicly online, if you are interested in delving a little deeper into their holdings you will find the terms of access HERE and you can find contact iformation for Elise and Nailisa HERE