Month: November 2015

Guest Post – Oli Bedard: work study at large !


This week I have Oli writing a guest post ! Oli is digitizing a number of projects for the co laboratory, which involves listening to sometimes uplifting, and some times traumatic anecdotes from LGBTQ history. My name is Oli Bédard and I’m a work-study oral history archivist for the LGBTQ Oral History Collaboratory. What I do, for the most part, is digitize tapes—hours and hours of tapes of oral histories. Each one goes into the […]

Where are they now ? – Cait McKinney


I worked at the Collaboratory for the 2014-15 academic year, developing digitization protocols for audio tapes. Through this work, Nick Matte, Al Stanton-Hagan and I designed a digitization station, wrote a training manual, and offered a volunteer orientation program aimed at creating digital versions of oral histories tapes at the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives. This work drew on my academic background as a media studies researcher who has examined grassroots digitization practices in community […]

Collaboratory Partner Projects: The Transgender Archive at the University of Victoria


Following up last weeks focus on one of our partner projects, this week I would like to point you towards the Transgender Archives at the Victoria University. Run by Founder and Academic Director Dr. Aaron Devor and University Archivist Lara Wilson, the Transgender Archives have been actively collecting documents, rare publications and memorabilia associated with transgender activism since 2007. The collections include significant donations from the personal papers of Reed Erikson, the University of Ulster […]