Collaboratory Partner Projects: The Transgender Archive at the University of Victoria


[paper reading: "The Transgender Archives, Foundations for the Future. Aaron H Devor]

Following up last weeks focus on one of our partner projects, this week I would like to point you towards the Transgender Archives at the Victoria University. Run by Founder and Academic Director Dr. Aaron Devor and University Archivist Lara Wilson, the Transgender Archives have been actively collecting documents, rare publications and memorabilia associated with transgender activism since 2007. The collections include significant donations from the personal papers of Reed Erikson, the University of Ulster TGA collection (click here for a more detailed history of the Ulster TGA), and the records at the Zenith Foundation. 


[paper reading "The Trans Biography Project: Stories from the Lives of Eleven Trans People in BC] [newsletter called "Zenith Digest: Suppourting Transexuals in British Columbia"]

[Paper reading "Gender Awareness and Involvement Network (GAIN)" with a logo underneath made up of a yin yang symbol with a male and female symbols inside of it]

[paper reading "Counseling the Transexual: Five Conversations with Professionals in Transexual Therapy"













You can find more from the Transgender Archive at the Univeristy of Vicotria here, or you can contact the directly at the following email address