Summer Work Study: My First Few Weeks at the Collaboratory/Taryn Parker



[Photo of work study student Taryn]

Hi there!  name is Taryn Parker and I was recently taken on as a Social Media Specialist for the Oral History Collaboratory.  I’m going into my third year at University of Toronto St. George Campus studying Women and Gender Studies and Sexual Diversity Studies. Although I was hired to operate social media, I’ve had the pleasure to work with multiple ongoing projects at the collaboratory. I will be working on making this site more accessible and easier to navigate with Cait McKinney, who we are lucky enough to have back. I also had the pleasure to brush up on my videography skills in our training last week, and had the chance to sit in on Nick Matte’s interview with Cheri DiNovo yesterday for the SRS de-listing and re-listing project. The rest of my time is split between audio editing and, you guessed it, working on social media efforts.
I still can’t wrap my head around all of the things that I’ve been lucky enough to learn throughout the past few weeks. As well as the great people I get to work with and the amazing stories I get to overhear in the A/V room.