Omeka Training at the Collaboratory


Exciting things are happening here at the collaboratory! Today we were lucky enough to be trained by Al Stanton-Hagan on how to use Omeka, an open source web-publishing platform for the display of museum and archival collections and exhibitions.

Al Stanton-Hagan uses a CLGA Omeka exhibit as a training example.

Al led us through an extremely thorough yet easy to understand training session, and we at the collaboratory are so excited for the possibilities that Omeka gives us in publishing our materials. Going forward, Omeka will give us the capability to create easily accessible online exhibitions of our projects, from Lesbians Making History to Foolscap. Omeka exhibits can include image, audio, pdf and video files, making it easy for audiences to view all pieces that we have collected in our projects.

Nick and Elspeth watch Al’s presentation.


In the next two weeks our blog will focus on the SRS re & de-listing oral history project as the interview stage wraps up. Look forward to reflections on the interviews as well as the project as a whole.