Update on Archives of Lesbian Oral Testimony


Collaboratory Partner, The Archives of Lesbian Oral Testimony (ALOT) recently announced the hire of a new archivist to support their Bridging the Gap project. Mary Corbett (MLIS) will be joining ALOT, bringing her skills in archives, community engagement, and digital tools to the project.

ALOT's new Archivist, Mary Corbett

ALOT’s new Archivist, Mary Corbett

Principal Investigator Elise Chenier (Simon Fraser University, Vancouver) was awarded a major research grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada for this new project, which explores how digital architectures of participation on websites can build connections between ALOT and the communities the archives serves. This research will not only advance ALOT’s own infrastructure, it will also improve understanding of how to build digital archives that invite meaningful public engagement.

ALOT will be travelling to several communities gathering new oral histories and empowering community members to use new web tools to engage with these histories. Their first stop is Nelson, B.C.

You can follow ALOT’s updates directly via their Facebook Page.