Month: October 2019

The Queer Peel Oral History Project: Queer Histories from Edge Cities


Meet our new undergraduate research assistant, Luke Drummond (he/him or they/them), as he introduces you to The Peel Oral History Project! Luke is a fourth year English undergraduate student at the University of Toronto, Mississauga, and is currently working as Dr. Elspeth Brown’s research assistant, helping develop her course on queer oral histories of Peel. Fun fact: Luke is fluent in American Sign Language! The Queer Peel Oral History Project, conducted by Dr. Elspeth Brown for her […]

Welcome to the Team: Dr. Evan T. Taylor


We’re excited to announce the addition of a new member of our team – Dr. Evan Taylor! Our new Post-Doctoral Fellow in Trans Oral History, Evan holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Social Work, and a PhD from the University of British Columbia’s Department of Language and Literacy Education.Evan’s considerable experience has found them working at the intersections of LGBTQ+ identity, Trans(gender) literacy, health literacy, and culturally appropriate access to public institutions and citizenship for […]