Month: July 2020

Introducing the Queer View Mirror Oral History Project

archiving oral history / community-based oral history / gay history

The LGBTQ Oral History Digital Collaboratory is happy to announce the Queer View Mirror Oral History Project! A community-based oral history project led by long-time activist Ed Jackson, Queer View Mirror will focus on collecting oral histories from Toronto lesbian and gay activists involved in 1970s and 1980s activism. The Collaboratory is happy to provide Ed and his project with assistance and student support. Read on to learn more about this exciting project and what […]

Transitional Texts: Imposter Syndrome and the Jearld Moldenhauer Book Collection


I’m at a strange point in my life. A transitional point between nameless Grad Student and Colleague, a point where seemingly inherent imposter syndrome collides with a newfound sense of confidence. With an awareness that my superiors might see me as professionally responsible, worthy of trust, capable of getting things done. I am learning to trust this feeling, even as I struggle with it. And I can think of no better anecdote to exemplify this […]

Queer Peel – Reflections from a Student (2)


In this post, I want to explore the logistical aspects of the Queer Peel Oral History project. My intention behind this is two-fold: to highlight the work that went into the project, and to provide insight to those inclined to explore the possibility of running their own oral history projects. I believe it would be worthwhile to insert a quick disclaimer, however: I do not intend (and would not claim) to be creating a guide […]

Queer Peel – Reflections from a Student


In Elspeth Brown’s previous post “Queer Peel Oral History Project,” she explained how her recent 3rd year history course at the University of Toronto Mississauga was focused on creating primary sources about queer and trans life in Canada’s “burbs.” As a student that found themselves in that course, I’d like to take the time to reflect on and explore some of the feelings, themes, and ideas that arose from my involvement in this project. When […]