Oral History Hub

LGBTQ digital oral history is an emerging field built by dedicated activists, historians, and archivists across the web. This hub acts as a growing resource for oral histories practitioners and the public.

ACT UP Oral History Project
[187 video interviews of US activists from 2002-2015]

African American AIDS Activism Oral History Project
[40 US interviews; 5 links to transcripts; dates and locations of interviews: unknown]

AIDS Activist History Project: A History of AIDS Activism in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Nova Scotia
[60 interviews from these locations; dates available in transcripts]

Archives of Lesbian Oral History (ALOT)
[ten audio collections (c. 100 interviews) of interviews and broadcasts concerning lesbian life, broadly defined; content mostly Canadian from 1990 to the present; searchable across tags and topics]

Arizona LGBTQ Storytelling Project
[around 10 interviews with LGBTQ+ people in Arizona]

Breaking Barriers: Harvesting LGBTQ Stories from the Northern Plains  [The Red River Rainbow Seniors oral history project, features over 100 interviews from older LGBTQ people and their allies in North Dakota and Northern Minnesota in their own words.]

Chicago Leather Archives and Museum Oral History Project
[hundreds of video and aural interviews; many available on line and via the archives’ YouTube channel]

Closeted/Out in the Quadrangles: A History of LGBTQ Life at the University of Chicago [2011-2015 student research centered project; interviews do not appear to be on line]

Country Queers
[45 interviews about rural queers in the US from c. 2013-2014; some clips and transcripts on line]

Dragon Fruit Project
[The Dragon Fruit Project is an intergenerational oral history project that explores queer Asian and Pacific Islanders and their experiences with love and activism in the 1960s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.]

Georgia Transgender Oral History Project
[beginning in spring 2021; to gather and preserve histories with trans people and activists who live/lived in Georgia; unclear how many interviews conducted; led by Morna Gerrard and AC Panella]

GLBT Historical Society Oral History Collection
[over 500 interviews from the SF Bay area and northern California; the link above is to their finding aid; accessing the actual interview is a bit more challenging]

Invisible Histories Project
[community archives project emphasizing the history of LGBTQ life throughout the American South. No oral histories (yet) on the site.]

Impact Stories: An Oral History Project Gathering Stories from the California LGBT Community
[2007-2013 project; no interviews on line; final fate of this project unknown].

June Mazer Lesbian Archives Youtube Channel
[about 3 video oral histories from the True Life Lesbian Oral History project, dates unknown; clips only, no transcripts]

Lesbian Herstory Archives, Herstories Audiovisual Collections
[LHA has about 3000 oral histories, most not on line; a search under ‘oral history’ on the site yields 257 hits, including digitized audio from the Kennedy/Davis Buffalo lesbian oral history project of the late 1970s/early 1980s]

Lesbians Making History
[9 audio interviews with Toronto-area lesbians from the mid-1980s; audio on line, with full transcripts]

Linda Garber Oral History Collection
[this collection, about California LG oral history, is not on line; find it at the GLBT Historical Society, above; click here for finding aid]

LGBT Religious Archives Network, Oral Histories Collection
[36 oral history interviews with LGBTQ religion figures, a project of the Center for Lesbian & Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry in Berkeley, California]

Louisiana Trans Oral History Project
[began in 2020; 12 interview transcripts available online; led by SL Ziegler] 

Milwaukee Transgender Oral History Project
[7 audio interviews with Milwaukee area trans people; audio on-line with searchable transcripts]

NYC Trans Oral History Project
[89 audio interviews with NYC trans people, in archival partnership with the NYPL; audio on-line; no transcripts]

Old Lesbians Organizing for Change Oral Herstory Project
[oral histories with lesbians over age 70; no interviews online; 1997-; US based]

Oregon State University Queer Archives
[18 video interviews collected by undergrad students at Oregon State in 2016-2017]

[100+ video interviews with LGBTQ people across the US; interview excerpts on line; no transcripts]

Ozarks Lesbian and Gay Archives Oral History Project
[150 oral history interviews with Ozark-area lesbian and gay residents, beginning in 2004; interviews and transcripts are not available on-line]

Philadelphia LGBT Oral History Project
[24 aural/oral history interviews conducted by Dr. Marc Stein in the early 1990s for his first book, about Philadelphia’s lesbian and gay history from the 1940s through the 1970s; transcripts only, no audio]

Queer Appalachia Oral History Project
[18 oral/aural interviews of LGBTQ people in the Central Appalachian Region/Eastern Kentucky from 2011; most interviews are on-line, without transcripts]

Queer in Brighton
[two oral histories with LGBTQ people in Brighton, England; transcripts only on-line]

Queer Oral History Project
[Utah-San Francisco community project began in 2009; video oral histories of 18 LGBTQ people on line, including 1 trans woman; no transcripts]

Queer Newark Oral History Project
[University-Community partnership with Rutgers; began in 2009; 48 audio interviews on-line with transcripts]

San Francisco ACT UP Oral History Project
[project planned for 40+ interviews; none currently online; ending date of 2019]

Smith College, Documenting Lesbian Lives
[undergraduate student oral history project, 2010-; restricted access to Smith College only, so nothing available online]

Southwest Virginia LGBTQ+ Oral History Project
[33 interviews; plus digital archival resources]

[100+ videos ranging from 2015-2019. Video only, no transcripts].

Trans Oral History Project
[there is a wikipedia page for this community project, which began in 2009, but I can’t find any web presence for it anymore]

Transgender History Project of the Upper Midwest (Tretter Collection, University of Minnesota Libraries)
[50+ video interviews, on-line, c. 2016-2018, mostly but not exclusively about Midwest US trans history]

Twin Cities Gay and Lesbian Community Oral History Project
[8 interviews of gays and lesbians in Minneapolis-St.Paul 1940s-1980s; neither interviews nor transcripts on line.]

Under the Rainbow: Oral Histories of Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Intersex and Queer People in Kansas
[25 video oral histories; both transcripts and videos on line]

University of Illinois at Chicago Gender and Sexuality Center Queer Oral History Project
[No interviews listed as of yet]

Untold Stories – the Leicester LGBT Centre Oral History Project
[100 interviews, claimed, yet link is broken to site]

Utah Queer Oral Histories Collection
[11 interviews from 2009; no interviews or transcripts on line]

Voices of Gay Rodeo at the University of Idaho
[13 interviews, and a fabulous visualization tool featuring all 13 interviews]