Oral History Hub

LGBTQ digital oral history is an emerging field built by dedicated activists, historians, and archivists across the web. This hub acts as a growing resource for oral histories practitioners and the public.

Access Minnesota Transgender History Project

ACT UP Oral History Project

African American AIDS Activism Oral History Project

AIDS Activist History Project: A History of AIDS Activism in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Nova Scotia

Archives of Lesbian Oral History (ALOT)

Arizona Queer Archives

Chicago Leather Archives and Museum Oral History Exhibit

Closeted/Out in the Quadrangles: A History of LGBTQ Life at the University of Chicago

Country Queers

GLBT Historical Social Oral History Collection

Impact Stories: An Oral History Project Gathering Stories from the California LGBT Community

June Mazer Lesbian Archives Youtube Channel

Lesbian Herstory Archives, Herstories Audiovisual Collections

Linda Garber Oral History Collection

LGBT Religious Archives Network, Oral Histories Collection

Milwaukee Transgender Oral History Project

NYC Trans Oral History Project

Old Lesbians Organizing for Change

Ozarks Lesbian and Gay Archives Oral History Project

Philadelphia LGBT Oral History Project

Polk Street: Lives in Transition, GLBT Historical Society

Queer Appalachia Oral History Project

Queer in Brighton

Queer Oral History Project

Queer Newark Oral History Project

Smith College, Documenting Lesbian Lives

Smith College, Alumnae Oral Histories

Trans Oral History Project

Tretter Collection Trans Oral History Project

Twin Cities Gay and Lesbian Community Oral History Project

Under the Rainbow: Oral Histories of Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Intersex and Queer People in Kansas

University of Illinois at Chicago Gender and Sexuality Center Queer Oral History Project

Untold Stories Рthe Leicester LGBT Centre Oral History Project

Utah Queer Oral Histories Collection

Voice of Witness