Oral History Hub

LGBTQ digital oral history is an emerging field built by dedicated activists, historians, and archivists across the web. This hub acts as a growing resource for oral histories practitioners and the public.

ACT UP Oral History Project
[187 video interviews of US activists from 2002-2015]

African American AIDS Activism Oral History Project
[40 US interviews; 5 links to transcripts; dates and locations of interviews: unknown]

AIDS Activist History Project: A History of AIDS Activism in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Nova Scotia
[60 interviews from these locations; dates available in transcripts]

Archives of Lesbian Oral History (ALOT)
[ten audio collections (c. 100 interviews) of interviews and broadcasts concerning lesbian life, broadly defined; content mostly Canadian from 1990 to the present; searchable across tags and topics]

Arizona LGBTQ Storytelling Project
[around 10 interviews with LGBTQ+ people in Arizona]

Chicago Leather Archives and Museum Oral History Project
[hundreds of video and aural interviews; many available on line and via the archives’ YouTube channel]

Closeted/Out in the Quadrangles: A History of LGBTQ Life at the University of Chicago [2011-2015 student research centered project; interviews do not appear to be on line]

Country Queers
[45 interviews about rural queers in the US from c. 2013-2014; some clips and transcripts on line]

GLBT Historical Society Oral History Collection
[over 500 interviews from the SF Bay area and northern California; the link above is to their finding aid; accessing the actual interview is a bit more challenging]

Impact Stories: An Oral History Project Gathering Stories from the California LGBT Community [2007-2013 project; no interviews on line; final fate of this project unknown].

June Mazer Lesbian Archives Youtube Channel
[about 3 video oral histories from the True Life Lesbian Oral History project, dates unknown; clips only, no transcripts]

Lesbian Herstory Archives, Herstories Audiovisual Collections
[LHA has about 3000 oral histories, most not on line; a search under ‘oral history’ on the site yields 257 hits, including digitized audio from the Kennedy/Davis Buffalo lesbian oral history project of the late 1970s/early 1980s]

Lesbians Making History
[9 audio interviews with Toronto-area lesbians from the mid-1980s; audio on line, with full transcripts]

Linda Garber Oral History Collection
[this collection, about California LG oral history, is not on line; find it at the GLBT Historical Society, above; click here for finding aid]

LGBT Religious Archives Network, Oral Histories Collection
[36 oral history interviews with LGBTQ religion figures, a project of the Center for Lesbian & Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry in Berkeley, California]

Milwaukee Transgender Oral History Project
[7 audio interviews with Milwaukee area trans people; audio on-line with searchable transcripts]

NYC Trans Oral History Project
[89 audio interviews with NYC trans people, in archival partnership with the NYPL; audio on-line; no transcripts]

Old Lesbians Organizing for Change Oral Herstory Project
[oral histories with lesbians over age 70; no interviews online; 1997-; US based]

Oregon State University Queer Archives
[18 video interviews collected by undergrad students at Oregon State in 2016-2017]

[100+ video interviews with LGBTQ people across the US; interview excerpts on line; no transcripts]

Ozarks Lesbian and Gay Archives Oral History Project
[150 oral history interviews with Ozark-area lesbian and gay residents, beginning in 2004; interviews and transcripts are not available on-line]

Philadelphia LGBT Oral History Project
[24 aural/oral history interviews conducted by Dr. Marc Stein in the early 1990s for his first book, about Philadelphia’s lesbian and gay history from the 1940s through the 1970s; transcripts only, no audio]

Queer Appalachia Oral History Project
[18 oral/aural interviews of LGBTQ people in the Central Appalachian Region/Eastern Kentucky from 2011; most interviews are on-line, without transcripts]

Queer in Brighton
[two oral histories with LGBTQ people in Brighton, England; transcripts only on-line]

Queer Oral History Project
[Utah-San Francisco community project began in 2009; video oral histories of 18 LGBTQ people on line, including 1 trans woman; no transcripts]

Queer Newark Oral History Project
[University-Community partnership with Rutgers; began in 2009; 48 audio interviews on-line with transcripts]

San Francisco ACT UP Oral History Project
[project planned for 40+ interviews; none currently online; ending date of 2019]

Smith College, Documenting Lesbian Lives
[undergraduate student oral history project, 2010-; restricted access to Smith College only, so nothing available online]

Southwest Virginia LGBTQ+ Oral History Project
[33 interviews; plus digital archival resources]

Trans Oral History Project
[there is a wikipedia page for this community project, which began in 2009, but I can’t find any web presence for it anymore]

Transgender History Project of the Upper Midwest (Tretter Collection, University of Minnesota Libraries)
[50+ video interviews, on-line, c. 2016-2018, mostly but not exclusively about Midwest US trans history]

Twin Cities Gay and Lesbian Community Oral History Project
[8 interviews of gays and lesbians in Minneapolis-St.Paul 1940s-1980s; neither interviews nor transcripts on line.]

Under the Rainbow: Oral Histories of Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Intersex and Queer People in Kansas
[25 video oral histories; both transcripts and videos on line]

University of Illinois at Chicago Gender and Sexuality Center Queer Oral History Project
[No interviews listed as of yet]

Untold Stories – the Leicester LGBT Centre Oral History Project
[100 interviews, claimed, yet link is broken to site]

Utah Queer Oral Histories Collection
[11 interviews from 2009; no interviews or transcripts on line]

Voices of Gay Rodeo at the University of Idaho
[13 interviews, and a fabulous visualization tool featuring all 13 interviews]