Ongoing oral and digital histories projects lead by members of the Toronto Collaboratory team.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 10.41.34 AMTransPartners Project

Project Lead: Elspeth Brown
This project explores the experience of partners of trans* men, focusing on partners who were with their partner before and during at least six months of the transition, however defined (the couple does not have to be together now). 50 interviews have been completed in Canada and the U.S. so far. Learn More.


DSC01737SRS Activism in Ontario

Project Lead: Nick Matte
This oral history project focuses on the 1998 delisting and 2008 re-listing of sex reassignment surgeries in Ontario (as medical procedures funded by the province). Currently in the interview stage, this project will result in an online exhibit that brings together the voices , memories and experiences of people who were either effected by the policy changes, or who worked to fight for access to quality health care and equality for trans people in Ontario and beyond. Learn More.


foolscap blog picFoolscap Project

Project Lead: Oli Bédard
We are  digitizing a newly uncovered collection of oral history interviews that comprises 52 tapes contain 42 separate interviews with gay men discussing their experiences of pre– and post Stonewall community life (specifically, the 1950s, ‘60s, and ‘70s). The project was organized by the late John Grube, and also includes a number of tape transcriptions (22 in total) as well as several personal letters regarding potential interviewees. Learn More.